People have different views about being sexy. But globally, sexy means having a small waist line. It is more appealing and attractive to have an hourglass figure just like the Kardashians.

Waist training or corset training has been here since your grandmother’s youth. It allows women to sculpt their waists and have a svelte body.

How to waist train the right way? Let’s discuss this in this article.

How to Do Waist Training

Waist training or corset training is pretty much body modification. You can lose up to six inches from your waist through corset training. There have been so many issues about its safety. Some claim it’s not safe, but many don’t have issues at all.

Women’s interest were fueled by the Kardashians who posted Instagram photos of them wearing corsets. Jessica Alba claimed that she gained her pre-baby body back after waist training.

Engaging in waist training program is done at your risk. Now, if you have doubts, before proceeding, check with your doctor. A healthier solution would include a well-balanced diet and a protein supplement. See Fitness Informant’s rankings on best protein supplements here.

Anybody can do waist training, and it works. There has been a lot of testimonials and before and after photos on their social media accounts. But before using this, you must decide and learn how to waist train.

Is this for you? You can try it out. If you have a sister who has it, take a trial. That is if you have the same size. It should fit enough to pull your waist on the 3rd hook closure. The corset structure must not roll over the waist and should not interfere with your breathing. Most of all you should not experience pain. Discomfort is there, but as you get used to wearing it, there will be no issues. Continue using it for a more comfortable fit.

Waist Training Program

Now that you have chosen your corset, make a one week program as a starter:

Start with wearing the corset on the first day for about 2-3 hours. Don’t give up immediately, because it takes few days to be comfortable. On the second day, you can wear for an additional hour and start doing some exercise. Increase your number of hours on the succeeding days and continue doing yoga or cardio. At the fifth day, you can wear your trainer for at least straight nine hours. Add more hours and activity until the seventh day.

Don’t forget to be mindful of what you’re eating. Always incorporate exercise and diet. It’s always better to keep your body fit and healthy. By the second week, you may use the same program or revise it adding more hours.

Is Waist Training Safe

Despite claims of being unsafe, there hasn’t been any proof that it can cause a health risk. It is vital that the person using it knows how to waist train safely. Corsets affect the midsection the same as wearing shape wears. You may discuss this with your healthcare provider or your doctor.


Many women want to be part of the statistics of sexy women. Try waist training if you wish to, but with care. Speak to your health care provider first if you want assurance.