Buying health insurance protects you and your family in cases of sudden illness, injury or accident. Nobody can predict your medical expenses and bills while hospitalized. Becoming sick impacts the family not only financially but also mentally and emotionally. Affordable health care is now possible because of the affordable care act.

Can you have a personal healthy insurance coverage at an affordable price?

Purchasing Personal Health Insurance


Buying a personal insurance is out of the question. But young and healthy people frequently ask why they need to be covered. Health insurance is obtained to be used, if possible. But you buy it and at the back of your mind hope that you won’t use it at all. Often illness happens when you least expect it.

The Affordable Care Act mandates that most Americans buy coverage for health insurance. Those who can afford should be covered by January 1, 2017. Failure to get health insurance means he has to pay a tax of $695 per adult or 2.5% of annual income, whichever is higher.

Buying these products give you peace of mind. You may be strong and healthy as of the moment, but if you suddenly become ill, the family can not bear the burden of paying a high cost of medical bills.

All insurers are required by law to cover annual checkups and preventive care. Preventive care means procedures like a mammogram, colonoscopy screening, cancer screenings. You will likely remain healthy when the illness is detected early.

You can get affordable health care searching for the providers who offer low prices for coverage.

Affordable Health Care Plans

If you just graduated from college and currently unemployed. You can get coverage by attaching with your parents’ insurance coverage. First, you have to contact their insurance company to ensure that they offer such coverage for dependents. You’ll be eligible till the age of 26. Bear in mind that your parents have to pay additional premiums for a dependent.

You can buy affordable health care plans if you are eligible for tax credits. However, this is dependent on the state where you are currently living.

Free Health Insurance

If you can’t afford to buy health insurance or you need help paying your plan, low-cost plans and free health care programs can help you.

Your eligibility depends on your income, age, location, whether you have insurance and what kind of insurance you have.

Every state has a marketplace; this is where you go to first. You can go for affordable health care plans. In the marketplace, you’ll find if you qualify for tax credit or subsidy and cost-sharing subsidies.

Find out if you are eligible for Medicaid or CHIP. It is a government program for those who qualify. It has comprehensive coverage of prescription drugs included. Rules for qualifying depends on the state.

Children’s health insurance program is also a free or low-cost program. The coverage limit depends again on the state. All states, however, cover routine check-ups, immunizations, hospital care, dental care, laboratory services.

Final Note

The least you can do to have peace of mind is to buy affordable health care plans for your family. If not, avail of free health care programs offered by your state.